Exercise Physiologist: Joe Morris, Owner

At a very young age, my father introduced me to the importance of exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I chose to pursue a course of academic studies in Kinesiology at William Paterson University. 

My abilities include identifying precursors to serious medical conditions and developing individual exercise programs. For example: lower back pain, joint problems, and limited range of motion may be caused by heavy lifting and compromised form during exercise. I am able to provide clients with corrective exercises to prevent and treat such issues. In addition, I can provide the proper diet for underlying medical issues (such as: hypertension, diabetes, lipid levels, auto-immune disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and obesity) while persuading the client to engage in regular exercise. My fitness program will include elements of functional exercises, practical and/or body weight, and cross fit training. I will introduce several preventative techniques to avert injury.

In life, our bodies are one of the few things we have complete control over; do not let the stress of everyday life keep you from attaining your goals. Become a Rebel today, and take back your power!